Vojta training is not easy, so why not make it easier?


A pad (not only) for Vojt’s method.

Which of the following situations have you experienced?


Exercising directly on the table is uncomfortable and painful for the baby.


Exercising on a blanket puts a serious strain on your washing machine and the baby often slips.


Exercising on a couch or bed is too low, and the child can fall.


Exercising on a massage table – expensive and difficult to transport.

We probably all know at least one of them. So do we. We’ve been practising on and off for four 4 years.

Our story.

But we wanted to practice with our children in peace and quality. So we decided to remove these  obstacles.

We have made a pad that is comfortable for you and your child to exercise on. We called it the FyzioPonk.





Radek Šlapanský FyzioPonk





on the list of medical devices

Dimensions and colours of the rehabilitation pad

3 dimensions

Small 970×640 mm, 8,0 kg
Medium 1270×770 mm, 13,2 kg
Large 1600×1000 mm, 19,6 kg

8 colours

you can view the colourful collection on offer here on our website.

Careful production

We emphasize accuracy and attention to detail.

Rehabilitační podložka pro děti Fyzioponk
Rehabilitační podložka pro děti Fyzioponk

More about FyzioPonku

The pad consists of a base plate on which a high-quality foam board covered with upholstery leatherette intended for the healthcare industry is inserted. A special polyurethane surface treatment ensures reduced surface dirtiness. Both the leatherette and foam meet the requirements of REACH and related directives.

Hygienic safety is declared according to OEKO TEX STANDARD 100, production class I. Especially suitable for children under three years of age. The lower part is equipped with a non-slip belt.

The Fyzioponk rehabilitation pad is used for the treatment of clinical conditions indicated by a physiotherapist or the attending physician.


Clean with soapy water or regular detergents using a sponge or cloth. 

Cleaning and disinfection CAN also be done with 98% alcohol.

Only use recommended cleaning agents, otherwise, this could damage the material.


We work together

50 CZK from each pad sold goes to the  Early care Society.

How do I get a pad?

Purchase a pad

Conveniently order a  pad  directly here on the website. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

We pack and ship

We pack the pad carefully and deliver it via PPL courier service as standard.


You can also collect

You can also order a pad by prior arrangement FREE pick up in Prague 4 in Kunratice.


What do parents say about the pad?

I can highly recommend the rehabilitation pad. I have tried many others, but this was the only one that met my requirements.

It doesn’t slip and can be used on most surfaces. Easy to wash and has a very nice design. We have been using it several times a day for many months and it has not shown any signs of wear at all.

Communication with the seller was quick and smooth.

Lenka G.

We use the pad very often. My daughter and I will probably be exercising all the time. She was born with severe hypotonia. But the pad makes the exercise much easier. I just came across your ad.

Monika K.

The pad met my expectations, ideal for exercising with a baby, soft and easy to carry. We just needed to have it a little higher, which we solved with a piece of foam under the pad. A range of different sizes would certainly be useful. Otherwise, it has served us well for over eight months and we are happy with it.

Our little one is now one and a half years old and so far, we are still exercising, and it is bearing fruit. Despite the negative prognosis, he is already walking on his own and can handle almost everything he should. So we are well on our way.

Kristýna T.

The pad is great and has been well practised on, it’s a shame we didn’t have it to practice from the start. Fortunately, our son is fine and ahead in his development now.

Zuzana G.

We were very satisfied with the pad, it doesn’t slip and has excellent water and other liquids  resistance. Just the right hardness.
Great communication and arrangement with Mrs Petra, she advised us and has a very human approach and overall, we were very satisfied with the purchase.
I recommend 100%. More such manufacturers and sellers. 

Ilona O.

We would like to thank you for your rehabilitation pad. My son and I had to practice Vojt’s method four times a day practically from birth due to a central coordination disorder. It was only after some time that we came across your rehabilitation pad which fulfilled the above. 

We received the pad in no time, it was very well made and thanks to its weight it held firmly on the table and my son was much more comfortable doing exercises on it (he stopped protesting loudly every time he did the exercises and even started to cooperate).

We can warmly recommend the rehabilitation pad.

Iva H. s rodinou

Our story

We are the parents of two children who, from the beginning of their lives, were not so lucky. While our first daughter was born with congenital torticollis, our son was born with central muscular hypotonia.

Diagnosis of birth defect
Already within the first month after the birth of our daughter, we noticed that something was not right with her.
A round of various examinations followed, at the end of which we found ourselves in a children’s rehabilitation centre. This is where regular visits to the physiotherapist began, who taught us how to properly practice Vojt’s method at home.

There is no pad that suits us
With the frequency of exercises four times a day, this makes a total of 1460 cycles of therapy per year.
At first, we practised on a blanket, which very soon proved to be unsatisfactory. The washing machine did not stop at home. The next step was various fitness pads, which, as the exercises increased and their difficulty changed, also stopped being suitable. The purchase of Vojt’s table was out of the question in a small apartment, and since we wanted to exercise on the same quality surface as the physiotherapist, we decided to make a pad.

The first rehabilitation pad of its kind was born
We made the first custom pad, tested it in practice, tweaked a few things and made a second version that we were finally happy with.
After some time, our second child was born and with him came a new diagnosis. But by that time we were already experienced, so we did not hesitate and made another pad. At the end of the training marathons, we donated both pads to the rehabilitation centre, where they still serve today and are loaned to parents who have nothing to exercise with their children at home.

We also produce pads for other parents in the same situation
The feedback from people who had the opportunity to try our pads made us think about setting up mass production and releasing the pads into the world. After more than a year of development and arrangement of appropriate technologies and legal steps, we are coming to the market with the Fyzioponk rehabilitation pad. Our pads are lovingly and carefully manufactured using CNC technology and patented manufacturing processes, and we are very happy to hear stories from parents about how our pad has helped them and their children through the difficult rehabilitation process, making it more efficient and the advances are coming faster.

What do parents ask us?

What type of exercise is the pad designed for?

The pad is mainly intended for children who have been prescribed a treatment procedure of rehabilitation care such as Vojt’s reflex locomotion, Bobath concept and other treatment methods.

Can the pad be used for other purposes?

Yes. In addition to practising therapeutic methods, the pad can also be used for subsequent exercises in the form of games or massages.

Where can I use the pad?

You can use the pad practically anywhere where you have a stable and flat surface as a base. It can be placed on a table, kitchen counter, chest of drawers or other furniture. Its relatively low weight guarantees that you can comfortably transport it wherever you happen to be. You can thus exercise at home, but also at a cottage or elsewhere on vacation.

How big a child can exercise on the pad?

You can exercise on the pad with your child from birth. Depending on the height of your child, you can choose from three pad sizes. We recommend following the formula: child’s height + 20cm < pad length.

Is the rehabilitation pad washable?

Yes. Clean with soapy water or regular detergents using a sponge or cloth. 

Cleaning and disinfection CAN also be done with 98% alcohol.

Only use recommended cleaning agents, otherwise, this could damage the material.

How can you ensure the longevity of the pad?

We guarantee a very long service life for each pad provided that a few rules are followed. We recommend keeping the pad clean and away from sharp objects. Store it ideally on a flat surface or you can lean it against the floor provided that the lower edge is lined with soft material. Take extra care so that the child does not knock it over onto themself, see the Ten Commandments. When transporting, keep the pad sufficiently wrapped, for example, in a blanket.

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